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Collection Description:
Well, I've been playing videogames since the mid 80's and my first home system was an NES.  I then went the Genesis/32X route, then the Jaguar route.  I got a Playstation the day it came out back in 1995.  Also got the N64 on launch day.  Then I got tired of videogames in the late 90's early 00's.  But THEN, I discovered my new drug...EBAY.  So ya, I spent WAY too much money, but I had fun all the while doing it.  Unfortunately, I've had to sell a most of my collection.  I did hang on to my favorite systems and games though...

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  123 (15%)
Sega Genesis  93 (12%)
Sony PlayStation  81 (10%)
Atari 2600  65 (8%)
Atari Jaguar  52 (7%)
Sony PlayStation 2  50 (6%)
Nintendo 64  48 (6%)
Nintendo SNES  46 (6%)
Sega Saturn  38 (5%)
Microsoft Xbox  33 (4%)
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