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Collection Description:
I am a all-out PlayStation collector and historian!  I am the original title holder to the name Dr. Throwback, due to my neverending knowledge of video game systems and its games in general.   I am currently based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and have been based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia (2009-2016), Norfolk, Virginia (2007-2009), and Lancaster City, Pennsylvania (1995-2007) since the Lancaster City Dragonrats have been established in August 1995!  We are now currently in our 26th season as a group and have never been more proud to be part of it as I am now.  I own over 3,800 PlayStation 1 games alone, and a lot of PS1 systems and this will be updated on a daily basis or when I receive new games!

Also you may e-mail me if you have any questions or if you would like to make a game/system donation to help out towards completing the PS1 collection:


The Description Was Last Updated On: 1-24-2020

Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation  1819 (87%)
Sony PlayStation  167 (8%)
Sony PlayStation 2  61 (3%)
Sony PlayStation  53 (3%)
Sony PlayStation  1 (0%)

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