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Collection Description:
I started collecting with my tax money in March of 2011. I planned out exactly what systems I wanted to collect for and spent my entire tax refund check on four consoles, controllers and games. I already had a SNES, N64, PS2 Slim, Gamecube, Xbox, Wii, PS3 and 360. My goal for collecting retro was to collect for the systems I played growing up, which starts with the NES. I bought a NES, Genesis, Saturn and a Dreamcast. I'm also a big fan of all Gameboys. I'm not interested in boxes except for my 360 games. Collecting brings me great pleasure and I love this website. Thanks to the All Console Gamers podcast for the recommendation in episode 104!

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  40 (82%)
Sega Saturn  9 (18%)

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