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Collection Description:
Hey all!

I just started collecting again after selling off all of my small retro collection a couple years ago while I was finishing up college. Now that I've graduated over a year ago and started my career I'm wanting to start again. For now I'm primarily going to focusing on current gen systems. I recently picked up a New 2DS so I want to explore the 3DS library. I don't plan on building a large collection at this time, because I don't have the space for it, but who knows what the future will bring.

Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation 2  59 (22%)
Nintendo NES  43 (16%)
Sony PlayStation 4  34 (13%)
Nintendo Switch  26 (10%)
Microsoft Xbox One  25 (9%)
Nintendo Wii  20 (7%)
Nintendo GameCube  17 (6%)
Nintendo 3DS  11 (4%)
Sony PlayStation Vita  10 (4%)
Sony PlayStation  9 (3%)
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