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Collection Description:
I started game collecting in 2011 during my Freshman year in college. Since then my collection has gone up and down due to selling off parts of my collection to capitalize on price increases and overall just downsizing. Now I'm mostly focusing on current gen games as well as focusing on my childhood systems like the SNES, PS1, Original Xbox, and Gamecube. I have no real goals except to just collect the games I would want to play.

Current Systems:

Nintendo Entertainment System - Blinking Light Win installed
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo Gamecube - Black Digital Out
Nintendo Wii U - Mario and Luigi Deluxe Set
Nintendo Switch - Gray Joy-Cons
Nintendo Switch - Mario Red and Blue Edition
Nintendo Switch Lite - Yellow
Nintendo Switch Lite - Zacian and Zamazenta Edition
Sega Genesis - Model 1 Core System
Microsoft Xbox - Model 1.6 Hitachi Disk Drive
Microsoft Xbox One S - 1 TB
Sony PlayStation - SCPH-7501
Sony PlayStation 2 - Black Slim
Sony PlayStation 3 - Slim 120 GB
Sony PlayStation 4 - Slim Jet Black 1 TB
Sony PlayStation 5 - Disk Version

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Nintendo Switch  76 (15%)
Sony PlayStation  67 (13%)
Sony PlayStation 2  63 (13%)
Sony PlayStation 4  57 (11%)
Sony PlayStation 3  39 (8%)
Sega Genesis  37 (7%)
Microsoft Xbox One  32 (6%)
Nintendo GameCube  28 (6%)
Nintendo NES  25 (5%)
Sony PlayStation 5  19 (4%)
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Collection Images:
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