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Collection Description:
Hello! Name is: David. I'm currently settled in Houston, TX and have a beautiful wife who fully supports my enthusiasm for gaming and collecting. She may not care for video games or spend all her time in front of a television like myself, but she knows I have a great understanding of where our priorities lie and never gives me a hard time about my hobbies which is why I love her dearly.

I have always loved playing video games since I was young. I have fond memories of me playing games; such as, Super Mario, Sonic, Street Fighter, NBA Jam, Earthworm Jim and Super Punch Out with my older brother and cousin. The first console I was able to bring home was the N64 when Blockbuster aloud costumers to rent them. I can still remember being blown away by Super Mario in 3D. Others were GoldenEye 007, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. After a brief experience with the N64 my parents bought the PlayStation. I can remember playing Twisted Metal 3, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis,, Duke Nukem, Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Driver, Silent Hill, and Final Fantasy VIII. Those were the games that turned my whole world upside down; from playing as Mario and Link to protagonists wilding guns, killing and women. Once the new millennium fell upon us I was introduced to PC gaming during the start high school. Age of Empires II, Baldurís Gate II, Diablo II, The Sims, Max Payne, Neverwinter Nights, Counter-Strike and Lineage II occupied my time for the next 5 years. Now that itís mid-2006, I graduated high school and burned out of the whole mouse and keyboard thing I wanted to get back into console gaming. A lot had transpired since 2000. Microsoft entering the console market and Sega dropping out. Since I was familiar with the PlayStation brand back in my younger days I decided to wait for the new PlayStation 3 to hit the market instead of jumping on the Xbox. I was spending majority of my time with my wife; who was my girlfriend at the time and wasnít in a hurry to purchase a console.

Fast forward 7 years later and here I am now. I didnít get into collecting video games up until recently; I was more of a casual gamer. I would say around September of 2011 a month before my birthday, my wife bought me the Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 Bundle which ultimately sparked my interest for collecting.

My gamer tags for the Xbox Live and PSN = NexApex (If you want to play some games or just chat about anything send me a friends request and who you are on RFGeneration!)

Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation 3  57 (27%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  55 (26%)
Sony PlayStation 2  36 (17%)
Sony PlayStation  18 (8%)
Nintendo GameCube  7 (3%)
Sony PlayStation Network  6 (3%)
Microsoft Xbox  4 (2%)
Nintendo SNES  4 (2%)
Sony PSP  4 (2%)
Sega Genesis 32X  4 (2%)
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