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Collection Description:
I'm a big fan of game series like Zelda, Castlevania, and Metroid. I also like games based off films/TV/comics like TMNT, Star Wars, Simpsons, etc. I'm picky about my games; even though they might not be highly rated I enjoyed them! I've sold a number of games over the years and now regret it.

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo Game Boy Advance  37 (16%)
Sony PlayStation 2  35 (15%)
Nintendo GameCube  29 (13%)
Nintendo Game Boy  25 (11%)
Sony PlayStation  20 (9%)
Nintendo 64  17 (7%)
Nintendo NES  15 (6%)
Nintendo SNES  13 (6%)
IBM PC  12 (5%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  9 (4%)
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