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Collection Description:
Hello! I am Nik, and I like games.

My favorite game console of all times is the PC (DOS or Windows). However, I do spend a lot of time playing console games. While my collection may not be very large, there are definitely a few interesting titles to be found in here.

PC Windows / DOS computer titles are not listed.
XBOX Live Arcade or similar downloadable titles are not listed.

The list of MY GAMES is here:

Use the drop-down menu at the top to sort by consoles.

The list of my video GAME HARDWARE is here:

NOTE: if a game is listed as having a box:
3DO and TurboGrafx: this means the big cardboard box.
Sega Genesis and SMS: this means the big plastic case.
PS1 and Dreamcast: this means the plastic CD case, with inserts.
XBOX, XBOX 360, PS2: this means the regular plastic "DVD" case, with inserts.
Sega Saturn and Sega CD: usually means the big plastic box.
Unless noted otherwise, all TG16 games have their plastic cases.

For information on Atari Jaguar game overlays, select Detailed View and read the descriptions.

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Sega Dreamcast  94 (66%)
Sony PlayStation  25 (18%)
Sony PlayStation 2  7 (5%)
Sega Dreamcast  6 (4%)
Microsoft Xbox  4 (3%)
Sony PlayStation  3 (2%)
Sega Saturn  2 (1%)
Sega Dreamcast  1 (1%)

Collection Images:
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