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Collection Description:
Hey everyone, this is ONEARM ASSASSIN.

I was never really interested in collecting video games up until recently, or about a year ago. At the time, I made a most tragic and dumb mistake, in which I traded in, sold, or gave away most of my video game collection. What was once a colorful game collection was now a small collection of games that I wouldn't dare sell unless provided by the right circumstances.

Back then, after the incident, I only had about 20 or so games left. I soon realized I made a giant mistake. I found myself missing the games I sold, and I wanted to enjoy the experiences once again. So I made a bold decision. After a few months of sheer bordem when it came to playing video games, I decided that enough was enough. I went out to the game stores and bought all of my previous owned games new and used, and as I accumulated all of my previous games, I realized that I was enjoying what I was doing.

I kept on searching out for games at game stores,  I started to look up more games, read more articles, read reviews and magazines, and soon started to get really interested in it. It became more than a simple hobby, it became a full fledged onslaught of finding video games.

However, keep in mind I only buy games to play them, not to just buy them and soon after throw them on my shelf or stuff them in my closet or attic to never play them again. No, when I buy a game new or used, I intend to at least give the game a fair chance. Granted, I've ran into a few bumps, and some pretty terrible games, but at least I've given most of my games the time and chance they deserve.

In the time span of a year, I've went from 20 or so games to around 250. Quite a few for me, I admit.  

I guess you can call me a video game collector, a gamer, or a simple man with an interesting hobby. I collect games to not only collect them, but to play them. It doesn't matter what system it's on, it doesn't matter how old it is, if it interests me, I'll play it.

Collection Stats:

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Microsoft Xbox  59 (18%)
Sony PlayStation 2  57 (18%)
Sony PlayStation 3  45 (14%)
Sony PlayStation  31 (10%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  31 (10%)
Sega Genesis  26 (8%)
Nintendo GameCube  19 (6%)
Nintendo NES  18 (6%)
Sega Dreamcast  14 (4%)
Nintendo Wii  5 (2%)
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