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Collection Description:
My current project is to play every video game in my collection, and I'm using this collection page to track only the games I've played as part of this project.  See the Backloggery link below for the complete list of games.

Backloggery: http://backloggery.com/OidcheDubh
Game Reviews: http://oidche.wordpress.com/category/virtual-euphoria

Collection Stats:

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Steam  40 (29%)
Nintendo 3DS  12 (9%)
Nintendo DS  11 (8%)
Sony PlayStation 3  10 (7%)
Nintendo Wii  9 (6%)
Sony PlayStation Vita  8 (6%)
Nintendo eShop  6 (4%)
Sony PlayStation Network  5 (4%)
Sony PlayStation 4  4 (3%)
Sony PlayStation 2  4 (3%)
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Collection Images:
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