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Collection Description:
Hey I'm Peaky, a gamer/collector from Brisbane, Australia!  *have deleted everything, slowly re-adding collection again with more detail. Over 1k individual items in storage*

Systems I own/collect for:
- Microsoft XBOX, XBOX 360
- Nintendo SNES/Super Famicom, 64, Gamecube, Wii, Gameboy, Gameboy Colour,  Gameboy Advance, DS, 3DS
- SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, Mega CD/SEGA CD, 32X, Saturn, Dreamcast, Game Gear
- SONY PS1. PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Vita
- PC (mainly big box DOS/Windows games)

Hopefully one day: Atari Lynx, 3DO, Switch, XBOX One, Colecovision

I don't collect budget reprints (platinum, greatest hits, etc) or games that aren't complete. If I own any US or JP games, they either did not release in PAL territories on that system, or the region is mostly irrelevant.

Most games in my collection will be in good to mint condition. I'll note any obvious flaws or missing parts. Most CD/DVDs will likely have some marks/scratches so I'll only note anything really bad or obvious with those. Any items in poor condition I would ideally like to replace at some point.

Most DLC codes/install keys are probably used.

Game/Anime music collection (not up to date):

Youtube (one day I'll get back to it): http://www.youtube.com/user/peaky123

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Microsoft Xbox  29 (28%)
Microsoft Xbox  12 (11%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  9 (9%)
IBM PC  8 (8%)
IBM PC  8 (8%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  7 (7%)
Sega Mega Drive  3 (3%)
Sony PlayStation 2  3 (3%)
Sony PlayStation  3 (3%)
Nintendo 64  2 (2%)
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Collection Images:
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