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Collection Description:
I only ever had a few games for any one system growing up in the 80s and 90s but in 2014, shortly after donating some NES game boxes that I had in a drawer for 25 years to an arcade, I decided to start collecting. I've made it a point to not hunt down games on eBay for as long as possible, so of my 2000 or so carts, 99% are in-person buys at cons, flea markets, yard sales, private sales with some marketplace meet ups. My first goal, like many people, is get as close to a complete NES collection as possible and move on from there.

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  705 (32%)
Sega Genesis  354 (16%)
Nintendo SNES  326 (15%)
Nintendo 64  183 (8%)
Atari 2600  140 (6%)
Nintendo Game Boy  110 (5%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  76 (3%)
Sega Game Gear  63 (3%)
Sega Master System  55 (2%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  54 (2%)
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