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Collection Description:
  Hi i'm James and iv'e been collecting (slowly) since 98'. Picking up stuff here and there up untill 2005. Thats when I met my Better half. She supported my addiction and our collection quickly grew from about 5 systems and maybey 30 games to over 50 systems and 400 + games With no sign of slowing down...See, it's good to have support =)  

Any Saturn owners interested in playing games over the SEGA Netlink, check out http://www.saturnleague.com

Burnout Fans Check out http://www.Operationburnout.com

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  95 (13%)
Sony PlayStation  58 (8%)
Sega Genesis  48 (7%)
Nintendo SNES  47 (6%)
Sony PlayStation 3  41 (6%)
Sega Dreamcast  39 (5%)
Atari 2600  37 (5%)
Sega Saturn  31 (4%)
Sega CD  25 (3%)
Nintendo 64  23 (3%)
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