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Collection Description:
I don't really have a whole lot of games compared to some of the collections I've seen, but I've got a nice size stack.  A little lopsided (over 250 NES titles and, next in line, about 70 or so Genny games), but I've thoroughly enjoyed making it as large a selection as I have.

Though still, sometimes there's just nothing entertaining.  Like cable TV at 2:41 in the morning.  Heh.

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  236 (32%)
Sega Genesis  72 (10%)
Sony PlayStation  66 (9%)
Sony PlayStation 2  57 (8%)
Nintendo SNES  49 (7%)
Nintendo Game Boy  30 (4%)
Sega Dreamcast  24 (3%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  22 (3%)
Microsoft Xbox  19 (3%)
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color  19 (3%)
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