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Collection Description:
I have been a huge fan of video games, since 1998 when my grandma gave me an old gameboy with a ton of classics. Since then I've been hooked. I started seriously collecting games and joined Digital Press in late 2004 and I revamped my collection goals to focus on NES, PS1, SNES, and Atari, although the latter 3 are on a priority where if I see a game I want for them I'll buy it (Not so much seeking out specific games unless it's one I have to have). My rarest games are Glib and Water World on the 2600, and a prototype copy of Black Bass (NES).

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Nintendo NES  331 (91%)
Sega Master System  19 (5%)
GCE Vectrex  9 (2%)
Atari 2600  2 (1%)
Nintendo DS  1 (0%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  1 (0%)
Nintendo Game Boy  1 (0%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  1 (0%)

Collection Images:
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