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Collection Description:
Loved video games all my life , had most of the systems growing up as a kid. about a year and a half ago i saw an ad on the local classifieds a nintendo with 22 games. Needless to saw i bought it and haven't stopped buying since. A classmate in college told me about this site so i figured i'd check it out. Have been using the VGT app on my phone but now they want a membership !!! Have a few games so ill be slowly be updating my collection.

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo SNES  149 (30%)
Nintendo NES  119 (24%)
Nintendo 64  91 (18%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  48 (10%)
Sega Genesis  33 (7%)
Microsoft Xbox One  18 (4%)
Nintendo Game Boy  10 (2%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  7 (1%)
Sega Game Gear  5 (1%)
Sony PlayStation  5 (1%)
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