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Collection Description:
Well, what we have is a collection that, over the years, has mostly grown.  I've been collecting most of my life and a few years back decided to go the altruistic route and give a bunch of game boxes and manuals to an acquaintance, which a bit later, struck me with collectors lament.  I decided to keep track of everything I've collected over the years from working in local game stores to working in corporate game stores, and now owning my own video game store.  It's been a long trek, and I've found a lot of great things and given away a lot of them as well, but now it's time to get serious and organize it all.

While updating this list, I'm basically re-doing all of my entire setup which will be updated with pictures soon as well, but gaming has been such a fun hobby to do, tracking things down and finding tons of stuff to keep around, and with my passion for this media over the years, there's nothing that makes me happier than just shooting the breeze with people about the games that they experienced growing up, and are experiencing now.  

To be a part of a community such as this is a privilege, because we're all working on the same thing, so the bottom line is support the others and enjoying what you do.  Happy hunting to all hoping to complete a specific collection!



Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  623 (34%)
Nintendo SNES  143 (8%)
Nintendo DS  91 (5%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  83 (5%)
Nintendo Wii  73 (4%)
Nintendo GameCube  71 (4%)
Sega Genesis  66 (4%)
Nintendo Game Boy  61 (3%)
Nintendo 64  49 (3%)
Sony PlayStation 2  47 (3%)
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