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Collection Description:
Ive been a gamer since i was 5 years old (1990). I am a hardcore collector and player of games. Out of all my friends ever since childhood I always had the biggest collection and I still have every single piece of gaming software and hardware since I was a kid. I am not a compulsive collector, everything I have is something I wanted. I didn't buy or ask for a game I did not want. The very very few kid/girl games on the NES are my sisters since she played as well. But my collection is gonna take time to put together since i gotta go and make sure I have all the correct editions that are listed. I don't like inaccuracies. GAME ON

Collection Stats:

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Microsoft Xbox 360  161 (17%)
Microsoft Xbox  114 (12%)
Sega Dreamcast  91 (9%)
Sony PlayStation 2  81 (8%)
Sony PlayStation  80 (8%)
Nintendo NES  80 (8%)
Sega Saturn  60 (6%)
Nintendo SNES  57 (6%)
Nintendo 64  53 (6%)
Sega Genesis  39 (4%)
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