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Collection Description:
I collect stuff all over the board, but with a focus lately on PS3/PS2/Wii.

Yes I do have a PS3. I love it. I don't care what anyone online has to say about the system, but I really like it.

My 5 favorite games:
The Neverhood
Ratchet and Clank (Series)
Half-Life (Series)
Grim Fandango

My favorite misunderstood games:
Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing
E.T. (2600)
Superman 64
Shaq Fu

Consoles I Own:
Nintendo DS Lite (Onyx Black) (USA, USG-001)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance (USA, AGB-001)
Nintendo Entertainment System (USA, NES-001)
Super Nintendo Entertaiment System (USA, SNS-001)
Nintendo Wii (USA, RVL-001)
Sega Dreamcast (NTSC U, HKT-3020, Mar 2000)
Sony Playstation (NTSC U/C, SCPH-7501)
Sony Playstation 2 (NSTC U/C, SCPH-30001)
Sony Playstation 3 [60GB Model] (NTSC UC, CECHA01)

Mario Kart 64  - Nintendo
Sonic the Hedgehog - Sega
Super Mario 64 - Nintendo

Audiosurf - BestGameEver/Dylan Fitterer - distributed by Steam
Codename: Gordon - Nuclear Vision - Valve - distributed by Steam
Gish - Cryptic Sea - Chronic Logic - distributed by Steam
Half-Life: Uplink - Ryan Finnie (Original by Valve) - (3rd Party Mod of the original demo adapted for Steam)
Half-Life 1 Anthology - Valve - distributed by Steam
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch - Valve - distributed by Steam
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - Valve - distributed by Steam
Peggle Extreme - PopCap Games - distributed by Steam
Prey - Human Head/3D Realms/2K Games - distributed by Steam

DS Friend Codes:
Mario Kart DS: 528383-155761
Picross DS: 421015-115894


Xbox Live:

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Sony PlayStation 2  84 (18%)
Sony PlayStation 3  61 (13%)
Sony PlayStation  59 (12%)
Sega Dreamcast  46 (10%)
IBM PC  42 (9%)
Sony PlayStation Network  33 (7%)
Nintendo SNES  25 (5%)
Nintendo NES  23 (5%)
Nintendo GameCube  18 (4%)
Nintendo Wii  16 (3%)
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Collection Images:
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