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Collection Description:
I only understood that collecting games is my best hobby this  year. Unfortunately, I already gave all my back-ups and few license games to my friends...

RFGeneration.com is the site I was looking for the whole year... I didn't even realised that some people can have 4000+ LICENSED games and 40+ CONSOLES... And few years ago I also had a GameGear... But the sand got into it, and at that time I didn't knew that collecting games brings you so much fun.

Good luck in this hard duty - collecting games!!!

My goal is to collect all existing games in the world (preferably european versions, if there is no european version of the game, then american, and if there is no any of these, then asian or japanese version), and they must be factory sealed, and also all consoles.

Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation 3  41 (27%)
Sony PlayStation 2  21 (14%)
IBM PC  20 (13%)
Sony PSP  14 (9%)
Sony PlayStation  13 (8%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  8 (5%)
Nintendo DS  6 (4%)
Sega Game Gear  4 (3%)
Sony PSP  4 (3%)
Sega Dreamcast  3 (2%)
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Collection Images:
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