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Collection Description:
This is still in the works. I'm redoing my collection interms of order and finding all this stuff. Woe is me.

To do list:
Gameboy Advance
PS1, PS2, NES, and Genesis games that have hidden themselves
PC (The hardest, hopefully done by apocalypse time)
DVD Games
Odds and Ends

Pictures coming as soon as my USB hub decides it doesn't want to commit hate crimes against my computer.

Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation 2  236 (42%)
Sony PlayStation  82 (15%)
Sony PlayStation 3  68 (12%)
Sony PSP  43 (8%)
Sega Genesis  40 (7%)
Nintendo NES  32 (6%)
Nintendo DS  26 (5%)
Nintendo GameCube  13 (2%)
Sega Dreamcast  9 (2%)
Nintendo Wii  6 (1%)
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Collection Images:
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