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Collection Description:
Stuff that can't be added that I own:
- Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet (Upright, original dedicated machine)
- Panorama Cotton Tea Cup
- Magic Drive (CIB)
- Super Magic Drive (CIB)

Flash Carts:
EverDrive-GBA X5 (Deluxe Edition)
EverDrive-GG (Basic Edition)
EverDrive-N8 (Deluxe Edition) [Famicom]
Master EverDrive (Deluxe Edition)
Mega EverDrive X7 (Deluxe Edition)
SD2SNES (Deluxe Edition)

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Steam  172 (26%)
Sega Mega Drive  131 (20%)
Nintendo Famicom  84 (13%)
Nintendo Super Famicom  39 (6%)
Sega Genesis  24 (4%)
Sega Game Gear  22 (3%)
IBM PC  20 (3%)
Sega Mega Drive  19 (3%)
Nintendo NES  19 (3%)
Sony PlayStation 4  18 (3%)
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Collection Images:
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