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Collection Description:

I am an avid fan of Mario and the NES.  I grew up on the classic systems such as Atari and the NES.  

First Video Game Memory:  
I still remember buying my first Atari system, and buying my first game Ms Pac Man.  I have owned most of the main systems numerous times since i was young.  

Dumbest move:
I sold 2 Complete in Box R.O.B. Systems at a garage sale out in front of my house when i was young, for $40 for the pair.  One was mine the other i had traded for a box of hockey cards the week before.

Favourite piece in my collection:
6' Mario Poster from a 1991 Gas Station Promotion

Top Five Favourite Games:
5. Tetris - NES
4. Final Fantasy - NES
3. Road Rash - 3D0
2. Mario Galaxy - Wii
1. Super Mario Bros 3 - NES

Top Five Favourite Systems
5. Turbo Grafx 16
4. 3D0
3. Sony Playstation 2
2. Nintendo Gameboy
1. Nintendo Entertainment System

Most Wanted:
NES Games i Need
Virtual Boy Games
Atari Lynx Games

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Nintendo NES  549 (79%)
Nintendo SNES  40 (6%)
Nintendo 64  28 (4%)
Nintendo Game Boy  14 (2%)
Nintendo GameCube  11 (2%)
Nintendo Wii  11 (2%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  9 (1%)
Sony PSP  5 (1%)
Nintendo DS  4 (1%)
Sega Genesis  3 (0%)
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Collection Images:
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