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Collection Description:

I love this website!  Not only can I keep tabs on my collection, but I can write blogs (I love writing) and hang out at a message board with people that I can see eye-to-eye with.  

My game collection is in a state of near constant flux.  Like many of you, over the years I've bought and sold, sometimes selling some of my most precious items only to buy them back a few years later.  While I'm not a strict collector (I have no preference on condition, only that it works), I tend to buy whatever crosses my path that looks interesting or tickles my fancy.  

My favorite systems to collect for are the PC, anything handheld (GBA, PSP, Tiger, whatever), NES, SNES, Genesis...  well, I think I just like to collect everything.

My favorite games to play (and think about playing) are Final Fantasy (NES), the GTA series, the X series, Starflight, Drakkhen, Clash at Demonhead, Baldur's Gate (PC), D&D WOTES (Genesis), the Elder Scrolls games, the Fallout games...  I think I just love everything.  Except for Wargods or Chronicles of the Sword.  Something about those games just rub me the wrong way...

Collection Stats:

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Steam  285 (24%)
IBM PC  186 (15%)
Nintendo NES  106 (9%)
Sony PlayStation 2  87 (7%)
GOG.com  61 (5%)
Commodore 64  43 (4%)
Sony PlayStation  42 (3%)
Microsoft Xbox  40 (3%)
Atari 2600  28 (2%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  23 (2%)
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