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Collection Description:
In the Augest of 2010 I convinced myself to buy a bunch of overpriced N64 games, and so started the myriad that is my video game collection. I spend more time playing my games than buying them, currently playing just RPGs because I want to beat all the games I own. Current collection goals are to hit 250 by the end of this year in the short turn and in the long run hit 400 by the time I finish school, along with getting every Mother and Ogre series game in between then. Last but not least I hope to have fun in this endeavor, because if I don't have a good time then this is all for nothing.

Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation  34 (16%)
Sony PlayStation 2  26 (12%)
Nintendo 64  23 (11%)
Nintendo GameCube  20 (9%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  18 (8%)
Nintendo Wii Virtual Console  18 (8%)
Nintendo Wii  17 (8%)
Sega Genesis  16 (7%)
Nintendo Game Boy  15 (7%)
Nintendo DS  11 (5%)
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