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Collection Description:
Love Shmups! Cave,Treasure,Taito,Capcom,Milestone,Psikyo,G.rev if anyone has any collectables from any of these companies whether it be games,posters,books,magazines ,anime statues i am buying. Hope  to meet others who love STG.

I just recently bought my first upright arcade Atomic Robo Kid. It needs some work but should be an experience. If anyone know anything about arcades i could use some pointers.

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Nintendo NES  234 (14%)
Sony PlayStation 2  136 (8%)
Sony PlayStation  112 (6%)
Sega Genesis  81 (5%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  78 (5%)
Atari 2600  69 (4%)
Nintendo SNES  50 (3%)
Sega Master System  35 (2%)
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A  31 (2%)
Nintendo GameCube  29 (2%)
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