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Collection Description:

i own these game consoles/add-ons:
sega game gear ltd. ed. blue w/ TV adapter
sega pico
nec turbografx 16
nec turbografx CD (with original carrying case)
super nintendo (SNES)
sony playstation (PS1)
sony playstation 2 (PS2)
microsoft xbox w/ black & white skull skin
Nintendo DS Lite (white)

systems i would like to eventully buy:
Turbo Duo

columns (genesis)   4,331,378   Lv. 30
jeopardy! (genesis)   $22,400
Risk (genesis)  World domination in 6 turns
Wheel of Fortune (genesis) $50.000 [$25,000 (round winings) + $25,000 (grand prize)]
Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine (genesis) 21,154
Final Fight (snes) 1,210,658
veigues tactical gladiator (tg16) 601,980
pit fighter (genesis) 118,378
blazing lazers (tg16) 318,710
super star soldier (tg16) 365,800
smash tv(genesis) 6,669,600
terminator (sega cd) 532,200
alien crush (tg16) 3,459,400

Good Traders/Sellers/Buyers:
Douglie007 x2
Mezmoron x6
Den68 x3
tholly x1
nationalgamedepot x1
the_wizard_666 x1
tynstar x2
antimind x1
bad enough dude x2
fibrofreak x3
justabum x1
two_scoop_steve x1
fuyukaze x1

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
NEC TurboGrafx-16  28 (37%)
Sony PlayStation 2  21 (28%)
NEC TurboGrafx-CD  13 (17%)
Sony PlayStation  11 (15%)
NEC PC Engine CD  1 (1%)
IBM PC  1 (1%)

Collection Images:
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