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Collection Description:
I collect videogames since the early eighties. My first gaming experiences were with the Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds. When I became 13 years old I received my first "game" computer; a Philips MSX and from that moment I was hooked. In the years that followed I progressed to the NES, Gameboy, Game Gear, SNES, Playstation and N64. After that I bought almost every system that was released. All kinds of Gameboys, Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox, DS, PSP and today I'm the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii & 3DS, a Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3 & Vita.

About 7 years ago I was surfing the internet and discovered E-bay, a website which gave me the upportunity to buy old videogames and videogame systems that I missed in my younger years. I bought an Atari 2600, a Sega Megadrive and Saturn, a Virtual boy and all kinds of videogames for it. To date I've collected about 30 different video game systems and more then 700 videogames all in their original boxes and with their original manuals. I don't want to own as many games as possible. In general, the games that I own are the games that I enjoyed.

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  60 (8%)
Sony PlayStation 2  57 (8%)
Nintendo SNES  48 (7%)
Nintendo GameCube  46 (6%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  44 (6%)
Sony PlayStation  42 (6%)
Microsoft Xbox  38 (5%)
Sega Dreamcast  37 (5%)
Nintendo 64  36 (5%)
Nintendo Wii  33 (4%)
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