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Collection Description:
Atari 5200 (4-port)
Atari Stunt Cycle
Colecovision (w/Atari 2600 adapter)
Commodore 64 (w/disk drive & modem)(w/box)
MS Xbox (Standard Black)(w/box)
MS Xbox (Green skin)
MS Xbox (Blue & White skin)
MS Xbox (Star Wars Battlefront II skin)
MS Xbox (Mortal Kombat skin)
MS Xbox (Halo edition)
MS Xbox (Japanese) (Crystal)
MS Xbox 360 (Red RE5 edition)(w/box)
Nintendo 64 (Black)
Nintendo 64 (Pikachu edition)
Nintendo Gameboy Advance (White)
Nintendo Gameboy Player for Gamecube (Black)
Nintendo Gamecube (US) (Pokemon XD edition)
Nintendo Gamecube (US) (Pokemon skin)
Nintendo Gamecube (US) (Mario skin)
Nintendo Gamecube (US) (Black)
Nintendo Gamecube (US) (Platinum)
Nintendo Gamecube (US) (Indigo)(w/box)
Nintendo Gamecube (Japanese) (Orange Spice)(w/box)
Panasonic 3DO (FZ-1)
Sega 32X
Sega Dreamcast (White)(w/box)
Sega Dreamcast (Black Sports edition)
Sega Dreamcast (Japanese)(w/box)
Sega Genesis (Model 1)(w/box)
Sega Genesis (Model 2)
Sega Genesis (Model 3)
Sega Saturn (Model 1)
Sony Playstation (Model SCPH-1001 w/RCAs)
Sony Playstation (Model SCPH-5001)
Sony PSone (w/ LCD screen)
Sony PS2 Fat (SCPH-50001)
Sony PS2 Slim (Black)
Sony PS2 Slim (Silver)(w/box)
Sony PS2 Slim (Ceramic White)

Other Gaming Systems:
Custom X-Arcade MAME Machine (PC)
Bally KISS Pinball Machine
Big Buck Hunter Pro (2 Player)
2 Japanese Pachislo Slot Machines

Favorite Games:
City Connection
Crazy Climber
Crazy Taxi
Daytona USA
Dead Island
Devil May Cry series
Dino Eggs
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Far Cry series
Guitar Hero series
Half Life I & II
Hydro Thunder
Legend of Zelda- Twilight Princess
Nascar Rumble
Parasite Eve I & II
Project Gotham Racing series
Resident Evil series
Silent Hill series
Star Wars series
Tomb Raider series
Unreal Tournament
Up N Down

Xbox Live Gamer Tag:
True Rush Fan

Other Shit I Collect:
Rush Memorabilia
Our Gang/Little Rascals Stuff

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Microsoft Xbox  591 (24%)
Sega Dreamcast  292 (12%)
Sony PlayStation  247 (10%)
Sony PlayStation 2  237 (10%)
Nintendo GameCube  223 (9%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  143 (6%)
3DO  113 (5%)
Commodore 64  108 (4%)
Sega Dreamcast  79 (3%)
Nintendo 64  55 (2%)
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Collection Images:
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