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Collection Description:
It may be small but Im proud of it

Im a beginning collector having just started collecting in the summer of 2009. I play every almost game I own so the games I want most are the games I want to play most. I also love hardware and Id like to start collecting the older and more obscure systems and some of the more obscure accessories as well.

Alot of my collecting also comes from the fact that I was playing my dads DOS games at the age of 4. Ultima 6, Wing Commander: Privateer, and Dungeon Hack are just a few of the classic games I played as a kid and I'd like to play again.

Since I don't have an old dos computer capable of playing these games Im looking for ports and/or similar games.

Collection Stats:

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Atari 2600  112 (7%)
Nintendo SNES  108 (6%)
Nintendo NES  107 (6%)
Sony PlayStation Vita  91 (5%)
Sega Genesis  84 (5%)
Sony PlayStation 2  83 (5%)
Nintendo 64  80 (5%)
Sony PlayStation 3  78 (5%)
Nintendo GameCube  72 (4%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  70 (4%)
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