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Collection Description:
Honestly I'm a gamer first and a collector second but I still love the thrill of the hunt and the joys of a great find.

I have my dad to thank for my love of gaming seeing as from the time I came home from the hospital in 1981 we have always had at least one system. It started with the Intellivision where a quickly became the family master at Shark! Shark!, often times getting so many lives I'd get bored with playing that I'd turn off the system before running out.

My total number of systems is up to 35 with 29 of them being unique.

I'm currently collecting actively for the 360 first and foremost as can be seen by statistics.

My rarest/most valuable games are Vulture Attack for the 2600 with both labels, Monster Maze 3D a weird japanese Pac-man clone table top game and a prototype for Dragon Warrior 3 on the GBC.

Collection Stats:

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Microsoft Xbox 360  354 (27%)
Nintendo DS  123 (10%)
Sony PlayStation 2  79 (6%)
Sony PlayStation  70 (5%)
Nintendo NES  69 (5%)
Microsoft Xbox  57 (4%)
Nintendo GameCube  46 (4%)
Nintendo 64  44 (3%)
Mattel Intellivision  41 (3%)
Sega Genesis  40 (3%)
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