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Collection Description:
I started as a CIB NES collector and eventually dabbled in most other mainstream systems.

I'm still in the process of adding to my collection database, I've got close to 1000 games

Major Collecting Goals:

Complete US Unlicensed NES cart only.
Complete US Licensed NES CIB.
Complete US CIB Gamecube set  

Jewels in the collection:

CIB Cubbie Cherub
CIB Sqoon
2 LE Mt Dew xBox consoles
Pokemon Box, CIB w/ outer box
CIB VirualBoy
My name in Nintendo Power NES Achievers issue 24
Near complete Nintendo power set

Check out my collection site http://www.mynintendocollection.blogspot.com

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Nintendo NES  477 (44%)
Nintendo GameCube  296 (27%)
Nintendo SNES  45 (4%)
Atari 2600  35 (3%)
Sony PlayStation  35 (3%)
NEC TurboGrafx-16  31 (3%)
Microsoft Xbox  30 (3%)
Sega Genesis  26 (2%)
Mattel Intellivision  22 (2%)
Nintendo Wii  20 (2%)
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Collection Images:
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