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Collection Description:
I know its not a major collection as some have on here, but its a beginning. Unfortunately I have Kidney failure, and trying to acquire the funds to continue is hard. The collection I have so far helps with the countless hours I am stuck indoors. Hope its a good start for most of you, I will continue to update as I go along. Thanks for stopping by. Comments or suggestions or just well wishes are always welcome.

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  124 (41%)
Sega Genesis  44 (15%)
Atari 2600  23 (8%)
Sega Master System  23 (8%)
Sega Dreamcast  14 (5%)
GCE Vectrex  13 (4%)
Nintendo Wii  9 (3%)
NEC TurboGrafx-16  8 (3%)
Atari 7800  7 (2%)
Sega Saturn  7 (2%)
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