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Collection Description:
I decided it was time to finally see just how many games I've collected over the years. It will eventually be my complete collection of games. I'd say right now it is currently 70% complete. I still have lots of PS3 games to enter in and then all the games I've downloaded onto my 360, PS3/4, and my Wii U as well. Oh, I can't forget the PC games I have too.


I DID have a lot more games, especially for my Wii and my PS2, but I traded several games over the years. Some I'm ok with, others I am regretting a little. I hope to eventually get them back.

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Sony PlayStation 3  74 (19%)
Sony PlayStation 2  34 (9%)
Nintendo GameCube  32 (8%)
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console  31 (8%)
Nintendo SNES  23 (6%)
Nintendo DS  19 (5%)
Nintendo NES  16 (4%)
Sony PlayStation  15 (4%)
Nintendo 64  15 (4%)
Sony PlayStation Network  13 (3%)
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