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Collection Description:
just a gamers collection im not going for complete nor am i after huge profits these are games i enjoy playing or that catch my eye i am searching for certain collections in the atari 2600 lot mostly Activision, Imagic, Parker Bros., for the unique cart designs also these seem to be the best games for the system.  i do listen and look for any suggested games people think ill enjoy.  I also have had alot of hardware and games donated to my collection by very generous people that know ill love and play there games.  I do clean every cart system and controller when i recieve them and as needed so everything works as it did when new i have an extensive controller collection as well even though some have eluded me im still on the search my retro center has 11 systems connected to my crt tv just so i can play light gun games there are 3 consoles connected to my livingroom HD 55 inch that are new consoles.

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  136 (94%)
Atari 2600  8 (6%)
Sony PlayStation 4  1 (1%)

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