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Collection Description:
EDIT ON 20 JAN 2018: New Collection Pictures and description to be posted within a few weeks or months...

NEW PICS 8/17/08!!!! OMG!!

My collecting hobby began when I was 6 or 7, when I got a Purple Game Boy Color and Super Mario Deluxe, along with Pokemon Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver.

Other than games, I collect Coins, Comics, and Records, and I play the Trumpet and Guitar.

This is my life...


SNES mini
Gray N64
See-Through Green N64
Purple GameCube (Boxed, no manual)
Blue Game Boy Pocket (CIB)
Gold GBA:SP (Boxed, no manual)
Original DS
Virtual Boy

SMS 1 CIB (On preorder from Marriot_Guy)
Genesis 1
Genesis 1 High Def Edition (Boxed, no manual)
Genesis 2
Genesis 3
Sega CD M2
32X (CIB)
Saturn (Round buttons)
White Dreamcast
Game Gear
JVC X'Eye CIB (On preorder from Marriot_Guy)

2600 Jr. (On preorder from NES_Rules)

Intellivision II

PS2 original

Xbox 360

Going for a CIB N64 collection! :D

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo 64  84 (21%)
Nintendo NES  49 (13%)
Sega Genesis  29 (7%)
Atari 2600  27 (7%)
Nintendo SNES  26 (7%)
Nintendo GameCube  26 (7%)
Sega Dreamcast  20 (5%)
Sony PlayStation  19 (5%)
Sony PlayStation 2  17 (4%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  17 (4%)
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Collection Images:
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