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Collection Description:
Hi there. My name is Tom. I live in the UK. I'm a vintage hardware collector, and my collection covers many iconic vintage computers and game systems. Rare and interesting systems have always interested me, and I'm constantly on the lookout for new systems to add to my collection. I've recently started getting into quirky, rare Japanese hardware, having recently picked up a Bandai Playdia. My page here on RF Generation is very new, and is nowhere near complete, though I will update it when ever I can.

Collection Stats:

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Sega Master System  4 (5%)
Amstrad CPC 464  4 (5%)
SNK Neo Geo AES  4 (5%)
Nintendo Virtual Boy  4 (5%)
Atari 2600  3 (4%)
Sega Mega Drive  3 (4%)
Commodore 64  3 (4%)
Sega Saturn  3 (4%)
Sony PlayStation 2  3 (4%)
Sony PlayStation  3 (4%)
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