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Collection Description:
Hey everyone! My brother and I collect video games ranging from Atari Pong to current stuff.  We don't pick up as much as we do but we occasionally pick stuff up from time to time my brother is big into PC games. When I do buy stuff its all the old and new stuff when I have money. I like this website because it easy and fun to use but for a personal use I also use Game Collector and for my movies Movie Collector.  

As of late I have purchased a few of my personal "Holy Grails" -
*Ducktales 2 - NES - A box to make mine CIB
*Rescue Rangers 2 - NES - CIB
*Menace Beach Volleyball - NES - CIB
*Panic Restaurant - NES - CIB - MINT!
*Snow Brothers with Manual - MINT - 10/20/2019

My brother has the intentions of having one of the LARGEST Big Box or PC Game Collections of all time - yes including way more than Metaljesus.  Currently sitting at 1835 pc games - about half of them in Big Box.

I have a good size library of NES games I am trying to get a complete NES licensed library.  But probably won't get Stadium Events until last.  But I also enjoy PS1, Genesis and Sega Saturn.  But above all of those I love NES and SNES including N64.

Take a look at my blog I post about my Game Hunt finds in detail with pictures.

Any questions or anything you want to know in my collection feel free to ask.

Collection Stats:

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IBM PC  1860 (17%)
Nintendo NES  784 (7%)
Sony PlayStation  691 (6%)
Sega Genesis  517 (5%)
Sony PlayStation 2  506 (5%)
Nintendo SNES  431 (4%)
Atari 2600  404 (4%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  350 (3%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  287 (3%)
Sega Saturn  280 (3%)
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Collection Images:
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