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Collection Description:
Long time gamer, my Atari XE/NES/Genesis/Sega CD/N64/GameCube were all purchased when they came out, the rest of my retro systems were purchased recently at used video game stores or eBay.  

I drifted away from console gaming in the 90s so I missed out on the Saturn/PS1/Dreamcast when they were new but I'm making up for lost time now.

I'm not picky about things being mint or CIB, as long as it's in reasonable condition I'm happy. Magic Erasers are a godsend, especially for those loose carts that were owned previously by little kids who liked to scribble with Sharpies.

Collection Stats:

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Steam  424 (11%)
Nintendo Wii  208 (5%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  199 (5%)
Sony PlayStation 2  161 (4%)
Sony PlayStation 3  145 (4%)
Atari 2600  130 (3%)
Sony PlayStation Network  128 (3%)
Sony PlayStation 4  125 (3%)
Nintendo NES  118 (3%)
Sony PlayStation  112 (3%)
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