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Collection Description:
Finally!  A database to list all this stuff!  Still a work in progress (of course).  I collect mainly for fun: not a CIB person for pre-playstation era as only about 10% of my classic cart stuff is CIB (Good labels are a must, though.)  I do have most of my Sega Genesis stuff in box, as I make a point to hunt down the plastic cases.  Almost all of my cd/dvd based stuff is complete.  Also have a ton of promo stuff and over 1000 strat guides.  

Favorite systems: C64, DS, 360, TG16/Duo, 'Classic Trilogy' of NES/SNES/Gen.

My favorite non-video game is Jamaican Scrabble, followed by Heroscape, Apples-to-Apples, and Baulderdash.

Some of my favorite video games include Gate/Lords of Thunder, the Castlevainia series, the Final Fantasy series, the Halo series, the Myst series, the Super Mario series, Combat, the Zelda Series, the Metroid Series, Lost Planet, BioShock, Doom 3, the Contra series, Rock Band/Guitar Hero series, Chrono series, Soul Calibur, Rocket Knight Adventures, Tetris, Meteos, Marvel Vs Capcom series, Panzer Dragoon series, Blades of Steel, Double Dribble, Ikaruga, Burnout series, Cosmic Fantasy 2, Loom, Metal Gear series, Portal, WipEout series, F-Zero, Street Fighter series, Steel Battalion, Tempest 2000, mr. Bones, Unreal Tournament, Return Fire, Baku Baku, Shadow of the Colossus, Odin Sphere, Okagi, Silent Hill series, Shin Megami Tensei series, RC Pro-am, Toe Jam and Earl, Journey to Silius, Robotron 2084, Rez, Ico, Gradius series, Mars Matrix, Worm War I, Spider Fighter, Sea Quest, Necromancer, Crossroads I & II, Tetrisphere, Geometry Wars, Vanguard, Ys Book I & II, and most Shmups.

I'm a very social gamer and weekends are often spent playing everything from Halo LANs to pong tournaments.

Feel free to send me a message anytime.

God Bless and Game On!

Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation 4  1288 (8%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  991 (6%)
Nintendo Wii  967 (6%)
Sony PlayStation 3  844 (5%)
Sony PlayStation 2  818 (5%)
Sony PlayStation  774 (5%)
Nintendo NES  766 (5%)
Nintendo SNES  726 (4%)
Sega Genesis  703 (4%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  650 (4%)
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