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Collection Description:
I'm a Zelda Maniac, I collect any and all things Zelda related, mostly official Nintendo merch and, of course, games.  I am also a collector of any and all systems, although I'm more of a Nintendo and Sony fanboy.  But any and all games can be fun, and all systems can be fun to collect for :D

(except the CD-i.  Don't collect for it.  It sucks XD haha)

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  245 (13%)
Sony PlayStation  152 (8%)
Nintendo 64  131 (7%)
Sony PlayStation 2  129 (7%)
Nintendo GameCube  97 (5%)
Nintendo SNES  95 (5%)
Nintendo Wii  86 (5%)
Nintendo Switch  81 (4%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  60 (3%)
Sony PlayStation 3  54 (3%)
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