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Collection Description:
I'm a video game player for about 20 years now.I sold my consoles every time to buy another one.
-Sega Mastersystem
-Sega Megadrive
-Super Nes
-Sega CD
-Sega 32X
-Playstation 2
-Sega Saturn
About 2 years ago a got myself another Dreamcast and later a Sega Saturn,Megadrive and Super Nes.
For now i'm only buying arcade ports for the Saturn and Dreamcast and later for my Megadrive and Super NES.
Arcade games like 2D fighters,platformers,Shmups and puzzle games are the only genre i want to collect.
Arcade games are now timeless for me and an instant joy even after all these years.
I'm getting old....................................

Collection Stats:

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Sega Saturn  43 (41%)
Sega Dreamcast  19 (18%)
Sega Saturn  12 (11%)
Sega Dreamcast  10 (9%)
Sega Dreamcast  6 (6%)
Sega Mega Drive  5 (5%)
Sega Saturn  2 (2%)
SNK Neo Geo CD  2 (2%)
Nintendo NES  2 (2%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  1 (1%)
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