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Daytona USA 2001
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Console: Sega Dreamcast
Year: 2001
RFG ID #: E-071-S-00290-A
Part #: MK-51037-50
UPC: 5060004761166
Developer: Amusement Vision (Sega AM4)
Publisher: Sega
All Ages (USK)

3+ (ELSPA)


TP (aDeSe)

Genre: Racing
Sub-genre: Arcade Racing
Players: 1-2
Controller: Standard Controller, Race Controller
Media Format: GD-ROM x1
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From the back of the box:
Feel the thundering sound of finely tuned engines and the scent of burning rubber as you await the 'Rolling Start'! Immerse yourself in the blistering speed and white-knuckle action of Daytona USA 2001, the enhanced version of the most renowned arcade racing classic of all time, featuring exclusive new tracks, secret un-lockable vehicles and if you have the skill, you can upload/download fastest times and ghost data via the internet ranking board.


This is more like a new game that's loosely based on an old game than an actual update. Sure, it has the tracks and cars from the original Daytona USA, but they so much more pretty on the Dreamcast that it's hard to recognize them. And there are a lot of extra tracks, cars and options. This game is a bit too sensitive to be played with the regular controller, a race controller is advised.


Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sega Dreamcast U S Daytona USA Sega 2001 Racing
Sega Dreamcast J S Daytona USA 2001 Sega 2000 Racing
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