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Rockman 5: Blues no Wana!?
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Console: Nintendo Famicom
Year: 1992
RFG ID #: J-027-S-00600-A
Part #: CAP-5V
UPC: 4976219012515
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Action/Adventure
Sub-genre: 2D Platformer
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 4 Meg
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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo NES Germany S Mega Man 5 Nintendo 1995 Action/Adventure
Nintendo NES FR, NL S Mega Man 5 Nintendo 1994 Action/Adventure
Nintendo NES DK, FI, NO, SE S Mega Man 5 Nintendo 1993 Action/Adventure
Nintendo NES U S Mega Man 5 Capcom 1992 Action/Adventure
Game Trivia:

  • Released on December 4, 1992.

  • D-Pad: Moves Rockman left and right and makes him climb ladders.
  • Select: Not used.
  • Start: Brings up the Weapon Select menu.
  • B: Fires Rockman's selected weapon.
  • A: Makes Rockman jump.
Game Credits:

Keiji Inafune

Object Design
Keiji Inafune
Ikki Tazaki

Scroll Design
Yasuaki Kishimoto
Yasuto Takahashi

Robot Master Design
Hideyuki Monno (Wave Man)
Yukiko Mori (Gravity Man)
Yuusuke Murata (Crystal Man)
Katsunari Oguri (Gyro Man)
Kenta Oonishi (Stone Man)
Tatsumi Saegusa (Star Man)
Shinichirou Seki (Napalm Man)
Toshiaki Sugiura (Charge Man)

Mari Yamaguchi

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