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Console: Sony PlayStation
Year: 1998
RFG ID #: J-061-S-01190-A
Part #: SLPS 01364
UPC: 4956358120555
Developer: Cave
Publisher: S.P.S

Genre: Shooter
Sub-genre: Manic shmup
Players: 1-2
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: CD-ROM
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Believe it or not the Playstation port of DoDonPachi is actually better than the Saturn release. Graphics were worse on the Saturn version and some of the bullet patterns was changed as well. Playstation version was close to the arcade. TATE vertical mode is great on the Playstation port but because of the Playstation limited RAM you can only choose one ship type for both players in TATE mode. One of the few 2D marvels on the Playstation for having 300 bullets on screen at once with perfect 60 FPS. A must purchase for any shmup fan.

DoDonPachi only has one print run and copies will usually go for $50-$75. The Sega Saturn version is more common but not the best port.

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