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Console: Atari 2600
Year: 1983
RFG ID #: U-005-S-01410-A
Part #: AX-024
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: X
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge
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Dolphin is one of those Atari games that not very many people have ever played. Before there was Ecco the Dolphin, there was...well, Dolphin. Aside from the generic namesake that Atari seemed to always use, Dolphin is actually a fairly entertaining game.

Dolphin is an underwater chase game with sharp graphics and originality to spare. You control a dolphin swimming towards the right of the screen while being chased by a giant squid. The squid has one of those big nasty eyes, and he appears to be wearing shoes for some reason. Don't ask why. I'm not quite sure myself. As the screen scrolls, approaching sea horses form walls that serve as obstacles. Each wall has a gap however, and by using the game's sound cues you can position your dolphin to swim right through the gaps without slowing down. This is the only 2600 game I'm aware of where the audio plays such a critical role. Occasionally, currents that look like arrows cross the screen to slow you down or give you a boost. In addition, if you leap out of the water and catch the magic seagull, your dolphin can to turn the tables and chase down that rotten squid. Karma sucks, eh Squidy boy? Once you catch that ugly guy, you'll rack up some real points. What are they for? Our high score forum of course! I can certainly appreciate Dolphin's fine graphics and original concepts, but ot be honest, after a while, you'll get bored. It does not vary at all, but it still is a fun game to pick up every so often.

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