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Attack of the Timelord!
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Console: Magnavox Odyssey^2
Year: 1982
RFG ID #: U-009-S-00050-A
Part #: AC9445
Developer: Ed Averett
Publisher: Philips
Genre: Shooter
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge x1
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Overview is from the back of the box.

ATTACK OF THE TIMELORD! An unexpected power surge plunges your time machine into the forbidden dimension of Spryus the Deathless – Timelord of Chaos! You'll hear the taunts and threats of the Timelord himself as his awesome armadas pursue you through a newly created warp in eternity! His fleet attacks in different formations every time. His Time Ships fire four different kinds of weapons each requiring a different response and you face them all at once! 256 different challenge levels! Advance digital scoring with memory for high player's name and score. Full sync sound action plus speech if played through The Voice of Odyssey 2!

Game Trivia:


Missiles 2 Points
Antimatter Mines 4 Points
Time Ships 5 Points
Anihilators 8 Points
Time Killers 6 Points

There are 256 levels in this game.

This game is a voice enhanced game when used with the Voice module.


Use the joystick to maneuver your Time Machine and the action button fires your laser cannon.

Game Credits:

Attack of the Timelord was created by Ed Averett.

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