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Console: Magnavox Odyssey^2
Year: 1978
RFG ID #: U-009-S-00060-A
Part #: AJ9408
Publisher: Magnavox
Genre: Sports
Sub-genre: Baseball
Players: 2
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge x1
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BASEBALL! This will take you out to the ball game in the purest sense! The pitcher can throw inside and outside curves! An unchallengeable electronic umpire, who will never need glasses, calls the balls and strikes! The outfielders can play to a batter's weakness. A batter can hit for a hole in the outfield. Singles! Doubles! Triples! Homers! Even sacrifice files! It's all here! (Except for the hotdogs and peanuts!) On-screen digital readouts show balls, strikes and score! Full sync sound action from the crack of the bat to the cheers of the crowd.


Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Philips Videopac E S 8: Baseball Philips 1980 Sports
Philips Videopac E S 8: Baseball [Card Box] Philips 1978 Sports
Kouton Odyssey^2 J S Baseball Kouton 1982 Sports

Batter Hand Control

The action button swings the bat. Use the joystick to move the runner.

Fielder Hand Control

Use the action button to pitch the ball and the joystick can be moved left or right to curve the ball.

If the ball is hit use the joystick to move the fielders. Once you have the ball use the action button along with the joystick to throw it to the desired base.
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