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Goosebumps Intimidator
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Action Shot
Action Shot

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Console: Stand-Alone Handhelds
Year: 1996
RFG ID #: U-00H-S-05250-A
Part #: INT-100
Developer: MGA
Publisher: MGA
Genre: Action
Sub-genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1
Controller: System Controls
Media Format:
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The goal of the game is to capture flying ghost heads in a jar before they escape, all the while being taunted by Slappy the Dummy. He laughs at you and says a handful of phrases throughout the game, including: "Beware! You're in for a scare!" "And you call me a dummy?" "You'll never get us all!" "Move, dude!" "This ghoul is too cool for you!" Gameplay: Use the directional buttons on the left side of the gamepad to move toward a ghost, then press the "START/ATTACK" button on the right side, while its face is under the jar, to capture it. You will receive 100 points for each successfully captured ghost. You will have five chances to catch as many ghosts as possible. For each ghost that escapes, a ghost icon will appear. If five ghosts successfully escape, you will receive a "miss" icon, indicated by your character's face. Once a total of 2,400 points are accumulated at any time, you will enter a boss fight with Slappy. He will stretch out one of his hands to attack. You must then shift between dodging, and pressing the attack button once he is near your jar before his hand reaches you. If you successfully defeat Slappy, you will proceed to the next level, which will erase a miss. However, should Slappy succeed at attacking you three times, you lose the game and have to start from the beginning again. There are five levels in all. Each is selectable by pressing the "LEVEL" button multiple times once the game is powered on.

This game has become exceedingly rare in recent years. The gameplay is basic, if not a bit haphazard, as the pacing of enemies is rather random even on earlier levels. Capturing ghosts is a bit tricky, and multiple ghosts can escape at any one time. However, it is recommended for any nostalgic Goosebumps fan. The nostalgia factor is especially heightened by Slappy's intimidating phrases.
Game Trivia:

Slappy the Dummy's speech bites are provided by actor Ron Stefaniuk, who voiced the character in the Goosebumps TV series.
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