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99x Games: Resident Evil 2
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Console: Tiger Handhelds
Year: 1998
RFG ID #: U-00T-S-03620-A
Part #: 99-003
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Tiger Electronics
Genre: Shooter
Sub-genre: Third-Person Shooter
Players: 1-2
Controller: Built-in Controller
Media Format:
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  • High Resolution Dot Matrix Graphics!
  • Digitized voices and SFX
  • Link to other 99x Games for head-to-head play or to the Tiger website for hidden secrets and features. (Website doesn't exist anymore)


Raccoon City is under siege by swarms of the undead. As Leon Kennedy you must adventure through the chaos and find the secrets of this evil. Armed with a pistol, shotgun, or grenade launcher, you must take the city by storm. You will need to find ammo, healing herbs, weapons, keys and more if you are to make it!


This game can be linked with another RE2 game and play competitively trying to kill each other. Also has a password system to continue gameplay when turned off. You can pickup health, ammo, and guns such as a shotgun and grenade launcher. Of course you start out with you handgun.

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