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Interplay's 10 Year Anthology
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Console: IBM PC
Year: 1993
RFG ID #: U-016-S-13900-A
Part #: CD-ICD-054-0
UPC: 040421130542
Developer: miscellaneous
Publisher: Interplay
Genre: Compilation
Sub-genre: DOS games
Players: 1-2
Controller: Keyboard
Media Format: CD-ROM x1
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Extra Media:

Jewel Case (back)
Jewel Case (front)
Game Credits:

Development Team

Executive Producer - Brian Fargo
Producer - Scott Campbell
Design - Scott Campbell
Additional Programming - Kevin Greene
Software Reconstruction - Kevin Greene
Software Reconstruction - Bill Heineman
Artwork and Animations - Scott Campbell
Quality Assurance Testing - Jason Taylor, Chris Tremmel, Rodney Relosa

Music Team

"Wasteland" - Todd Dennis
Guitars and Vocals - Brian Luzietti
Additional Production and Mixing - Charles Deenen
Guitars and Vocals Recorded and Mixed at Interplay Productions

Original Scores by Todd Dennis
"Tass Times", "Mindshadow", "Dragon Wars", "Bard's Tale"
Title Theme/Selection Music
"Castles" - Charles Deenen
Excerpts from "Castles II: Siege & Conquest"
Recorded and Mixed at Interplay Productions

"Lord Of The Rings" - Eric Heberling
Original PC Midi Music - Charles Deenen

"Out Of This World" - Andrew Dimitroff
Recorded at Entourage Studios by Nick Carr and Sheridan Aldridge
Mastered and Edited by Charles Deenen

"Star Trek: 25th Anniversary" - Rick Jackson
General Midi Music Version from "Star Trek: Judgment Rites"
Original TV Series Music - Alexander Courage

"Battle Chess" - Scott LaRocca
Recorded and Mixed at Lion Share Recording

Quick Mastering - Charles Deenen
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Eddie Herrmann: Perl Script
David Murnan: PHP Script
OatBob: Title Addition, Scans, Photos, credits, Screenshots

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